7 Ways to Prevent Data Loss

Now that you know how much danger your computer faces every day, let’s take a look at how we can mitigate these threats and prevent data loss.


The #1 most important preventative measure against data loss is to backup all of your…

data. Here a few tips about data backup that’ll help you do it effectively:

  • Keep at least one copy of your original data on a separate disk than the one in the computer you’re backing up.
  • Store your data backup on a separate site.
  • Verify your backup data isn’t corrupted, invalid, or incorrect before disaster strikes.

Firewall and Antivirus

Choosing a firewall and antivirus solution is a critical first step in protecting your company’s sensitive data.

As we already pointed out, viruses and malware can steal all forms of sensitive information, leading to even greater data breaches.

Be sure your firewall and antivirus software are designed to handle the size, scope, and security requirements of your organization and always keep them updated and properly maintained.

Protect Data from Power Surges

Power surges and power outages can and will wreak havoc on your computer system. To prevent data loss, you’re going to need an uninterruptible power supply.

It will provide near-instantaneous emergency power if the main supply cuts out so you can save your documents and shut down your computer properly without damaging the hardware or corrupting the files.

Develop a Disaster Recovery Plan

A lot can go wrong and become damaged in an emergency situation if employees don’t know what to do when a particular threat emerges.

A disaster recovery plan will allow everyone in your organization to spring into action the moment a disaster occurs to minimize data loss.

Keep Your Computer Dust-Free and Dry

Dust can build up and cause overheating, while humidity can induce rusting – damaging your hardware.

It’s best to keep your computer in a safe, dry, dust-free area. Low-traffic areas are ideal, but not always feasible.

Specify Access Levels

Preventing data loss also means preventing specific employees from accessing specific kinds of data on your network.

Allow your IT team to set access levels, create policies that restrict the usage of company data, and have employees sign a security agreement when they’re hired.

Work With IT Security Experts

While you can implement many of these strategies on your own, they will be executed more efficiently and effectively by a team of experts.

An IT security company with years of experience will be more likely to devise the best security strategy for your organization.

From risk auditing to penetration testing, they’ll find the holes in your current system and make the appropriate changes.

If you want to secure your company from all forms of threats and prevent data loss from ruining your business, then consider hiring an IT security company.

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